Sharon Den Adel - Within Temptation 05-26-2020

(Rockum)-The Dutch singer, songwriter, and best known as the lead vocalist and founding member of Within Temptation, Sharon Den Adel, talked with Gino Alache in an exclusive interview about her new single "Entertain You."She talked about her points of view and reflections on the people's behaviours, the roles of the politicians and authorities with the society, her memories about the last tour and many exciting things. Here you have the complete interview.

(Gino Alache) It has been more than a year since the last “Within Temptation” album was released and supported by a robust worldwide tour (RESIST TOUR) 76 shows ( 2 Canadian dates). Unfortunately, with some cancelled dates for the Summer Festival 2020, I would like to know. Which are the feelings, sensations and memories that RESIST left you?

(Sharon Den Adel) What I feel like it was really the right album on the right moment - I think lyrically but also the feeling of what it represents, and I got that feedback back from the audience.I had the most beautiful interviews about big things that are happening in our world politics and the things, so it was the right album on the right moment. For us anyway, because it was talking about the current problems in the world more or less. Really nice to have those interviews to explain what the certain songs were about.
I think that it was the album perceived really well by WT fans – mostly there is always a group for a very symphonic album which this is not but there’s also a big group of people that goes along with the journey that we are making and the fact that we are embracing our changes and they are too luckily for us.

(Gino Alache) I listened to the new song ENTERTAIN YOU , and it is a great song. I think you continue exploring the modern side of the music and updating the symphonic metal style. Also, I can see you have not left aside the original soul of the band (That is great!). Since your first album “ENTER” to your last album “RESIST,” you kept that soul inside Within Temptation. What can you tell me about the new song “ENTERTAIN YOU ”?

(Sharon Den Adel) The song is about a group of people that don’t fit in and somehow we always have a need to emphasize that they do not fit in - by singling them out, cornering them in all sorts of ways, think of videos, fights on the streets. These people didn’t ask to be different didn’t want to be different: people are just different. And that’s beautiful! The beauty is that people are different and by being different, they bring so much color to our society, because our society is very uniform. These people are not here for our entertainment, so we can feel good about ourselves. If you don’t realize that, it’s maybe time for bit more self-reflection and time to wonder why you are participating in such behaviors.

(Gino Alache) In “ENTERTAIN YOU,” Within Temptation said, “Offenses, victimization, and exploitation. That happens every day and is mainly justified under the name of economic necessity, politics, religion, culture, sex, and race”. Would you have something to say today to our authorities or politicians regarding how they are managing our societies and our world? How should they be compromised with it?

(Sharon Den Adel) I believe authorities & politicians are the ones we should be able to put our trust in. They should be the example of what is good and normal behaviour and if they do not, I think you’ll see society adopting the same kind of behaviour as a new standard eventually.

(Gino Alache) In turn, you mentioned in the press release note that, and I quote here: “Entertain You” is out (May 8) and revolves around the urge for self-gratification at the expense of others”. When you talk about self-gratification, would you say that somehow most persons are utilitarian because, to some extent, they use others?

(Sharon Den Adel) That’s hard to say: I think that everyone does it now and then and most of us don’t do it intentionally. They just don’t think about what the consequences are for someone else. But there’s also a group of people that doesn’t care what effect their behavior has on other people. What I mean by this, is that they use another person by ridiculing him / her to you’ll feel good about themselves and feel that they fit so perfectly in the safe majority of society.

(Gino Alache) In the press release note of “ENTERTAIN YOU” you said, and again I quote: “We often cannot and do not want to see the consequences of our urge to satisfy our personal needs,” and “To justify or simply avoid the misery we inflict on others, we simply look the other way or start pointing fingers. We should look into the mirror more often and start questioning our own beliefs. We should try to understand not only ourselves but also — and most importantly — others and the world around us. It’s not the easiest way, but it’s certainly one that brings us further in this individualistic society.” When you talk about looking away, actually, are you proposing that people should be responsible for their acts? Or that they should be supportive or caring with each other? Would you relate that to be empathic with each other?

(Sharon Den Adel) In some situations, people tend too look away: they shouldn’t look away and should say something about it and help someone else. Empathy is always the best response to everything, I think.

(Gino Alache) How do you see the future of the music business after this pandemic? Could you share your views about that?

(Sharon Den Adel) Well I think the way it is now won’t change until there’s a medicine or vaccine and after that, if we can protect ourselves against COVID-19, it will go back to normal.

(Gino Alache) To be honest, most of the worldwide metal/rock community is suffering from the cancellation and postponed concerts and festivals around the globe, and that is causing a lot of stress that affects mental health. What would be your advice for them?

(Sharon Den Adel) Get help. It’s a serious problem and is not always addressed accordingly and seriously enough or that is also so difficult to see and read the signals all thee time especially in isolation that people cannot always see how you o physically and mentally. So, the best thing is really reach out to someone you know or to a doctor or a special organization that helps and deals with mental health.

(Gino Alache) Any last words for the readers and listeners of Rockum?

(Sharon Den Adel) Better times will come, and I hope to see you all when we come over to America. Take care and stay safe, and I hope we will meet again in the near future.

Within Temptation have released a music video for their brand new song "Entertain You," which was a No.1 Most Added Song at the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart and debuted in the Top 50 of the Mainstream Rock Charts in the USA within the first week of the release.

The Dutch band shared the raw music video with for the brand new anthem. The videographer had to take shots at each members' home and with limited people in every room, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"Eventually, everyone will have their own idea what the song and video are about," says singer Sharon den Adel. "For us, the inspiration comes from how we treat a certain group of people that doesn't fit in our society, and how we always feel a need to emphasize how much they do not fit in so we can feel good about ourselves. We start singling them out, cornering them in all sorts of ways. Nowadays, our first reaction is to film an incident instead of helping someone."

She finishes, "They're not here for our entertainment. It's time for a bit more self-reflection and to ask ourselves why we do it, and think about the consequences for the others. Awareness is hopefully a step forward to change."