(Rockum)-Peter Friestedt is an excellent guitarist, producer and member of the supergroup CWF along with Joseph Williams (TOTO) and Bill Champlin (CHICAGO). CWF was released its new studio album titled "II" this past may 2020 " I had the chance to interview Peter, and here you have it.

(Gino Alache) I have listened to your new album “II” many times, and for me is an AOR/West Coast masterpiece. Honestly, few records have the music quality of your new album currently. What could you tell me about your new album “II”?

(Peter Friestedt) This time around we had guest musicians to add specific flavours to certain songs. To success in creating an album with this amount of musicians takes dedication and a lot of time. It took over three years to finalize the recordings. As a producer of the album I had a big responsiblity regarding this. We are very happy with the final result. .

(Gino Alache) You are an outstanding guitarist, producer & recording artist with a successful music career and a high academic level in music. I think a lot of people would like to follow your steps. Could you tell me how did you do all of that?

(Peter Friestedt)Thank you very much for these kind words. I think it is very important to be true to your heart when it comes to art and music. I never did any of this cause I was calculating on sales or anything like that, it has always been my passion and I think you may hear that in what I write, play or produce that it really comes from the heart. I also would recomend to everyone to study hard and do your homework to be prepared when the right opportunity comes.

I do have a brand new website called and there is a section called ”behind the music” where I talk about this and I also have plans to add videos regarding the subject and my guitarplaying etc..

(Gino Alache) It has been more than four years since your first album CWF was released. Which memories “I” left you?

(Peter Friestedt) Well, it was a hugely appreciated debut album and I am still very proud of that it, I was hoping to reach higher on charts with it but it seem like we had to wait till this New second effort for that but I do still think it is a very very strong album we released there. It will be re- released this fall worldwide. I also remember that we had a great time in the studio working on it, Joseph caught a flew so me and Bill kept workin at Bill’s studio in Sherman Oaks for a week but after the scandinavian tour we did together with Leon Russell later that year Joseph stayed in Sweden for one week and we got alot of work done. I still remember when we cut ”Aria” that I knew right away that this will be something special with Joseph on fire singing like that.

The very first song we recorded for the album was the ballad ”Still Around” and when Bill layed down the lead vocal on that that very first night he kind of set the bar very high for what this album was going to be about regarding musical performance. He just nailed it in a way that only Bill can do..

(Gino Alache) Joseph Williams, the voice of the successful band Toto, and Bill Champlin, who was the voice for so many years of the group Chicago, are the other members of CWF. Both artists could be considered legends in the contemporary music history. For that reason, we know CWF as a supergroup. How is it to work, to play and record an album with them? Any story you might want to share with us?

(Peter Friestedt) We have a really good chemistry when we are working together. We know each others strengths and have a lot of experience of working in the studio and touring together. This makes the process much easier. It’s always very inspiring to watch them doing vocaloverdubs and how well they produce each other. After finishing the vocal recorings in LA I was collecting all the files and producing up the tracks in Sweden.

(Gino Alache) Peter, inspiration is an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or another artistic endeavour. How, when or where do you get inspiration for your music?

(Peter Friestedt) I guess this is different for everyone but for me the best ideas comes when I feel that everything is good and organized, maybe after the first sip of coffee on a totaly open day when all I can do is focus on the music. I often write at the piano and sometimes I have an idea that i record to my voicememo and then it can go weeks before I figure where to go with it or I may need a friend like Randy Goodrum to help me finishing the idea.

(Gino Alache) The business is going through a rough time for the pandemic. There have been cancellations, postponed concerts and festivals around the globe. I think it is similar in Sweden as in Canada or Peru. How do you see the future of the music business after this pandemic? Could you share your views about that?

(Peter Friestedt) Well I really hope that there will be vaccine against this virus as soon as possible and I hope that bands can go out and play again but I do also wish for a change in the system when it comes to streaming. I really hope that songwriters/musicians will get paid a more fair fee for their work and that there will be new laws regarding this..

(Gino Alache) If you could advise a young musician or a young person who wants to start his/her music career, which would be your advice?

(Peter Friestedt) Practice! But do not simply count the hours – practice thoughtfully and with commitment.
Perform anywhere and everywhere. Develop your abilities as an artist, composer and improviser. Compose your own pieces. Begin developing your press-kit materials early. Make a professional recording for promotional purposes as well as for your own archives. Listen to music, all kinds of music. Learn music theory and develop your ear-training skills! Develop your network.

(Gino Alache) Any last words for the readers and listeners of Rockum?

(Peter Friestedt) Thank you for listening and hope to see you on the road in the near future.