(Rockum)-According to Dying Scene, THE OFFSPRING bassist Gregory "Greg K." Kriesel, who hasn't performed with the band for several months, has filed a federal lawsuit against two of his bandmates vocalist/guitarist Bryan "Dexter" Holland and guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman alleging trademark infringement and breach of partnership agreement over the rights to THE OFFSPRING name.

In his lawsuit, Kriesel claims that Holland and Wasserman "devised a scheme, and entered into a conspiracy with each other" last October to "seize the business, business opportunities, and assets" of their 32-year-old partnership agreement "in disregard for and in derogation of the rights, privileges, and authority of Kriesel as an equal, general partner"; "divest Kriesel of his partnership interests and rights, without fair compensation; and "deny Kriesel's continued status as a general partner of the Partnership." Kriesel goes on to say that he was informed by Holland and Wasserman last November that he was "no longer entitled to participate in any activities of the band, including (but not limited to) studio recordings and concert tours."

Although THE OFFSPRING has neither responded to the lawsuit nor released a statement regarding Greg's current status as a member of the band, he is still listed as a member on both THE OFFSPRING's Facebook page and the band's official web site. During his absence from touring, Greg was initially replaced by NO DOUBT bassist Tony Kanal. Currently filling in for him is H2O guitarist and OFFSPRING touring member Todd Morse.

Greg, Dexter and Noodles have appeared on all of THE OFFSPRING's albums so far.

It is not presently clear if Kriesel played bass on the band's upcoming tenth studio LP, which is expected in late 2019 or early 2020.