JEFF PILSON about DOKKEN reunion: 'We'd All Love To Make A Final Record Together'

(Rockum)-In a brand new interview with Brutal Planet Magazine, Jeff Pilson was once again asked if there will be any more shows featuring the classic lineup of DOKKEN. The bassist responded (hear audio below): "[There is] nothing planned. I don't think it's necessarily off limits. The trickiest thing is timing for us, because we're all very, very busy, and to really do that the right way requires some time and energy and effort. And it doesn't seem like we ever have the time. The energy and effort, I think, are all there. The desire is there."

He continued: "I think we'd all love to make a final record together. We proved to ourselves a few years ago that we could still write and we still had our chemistry. I think we'd all love to see that happen someday; I hope it happens someday. But it's so tricky 'cause of the time."

DOKKEN's classic lineup Pilson, singer Don Dokken, guitarist George Lynch and drummer "Wild" Mick Brown reunited for a short Japanese tour in the fall of 2016. The trek marked the first time in 21 years the four musicians had hit the road together.

Since completing the Japanese reunion dates, DOKKEN has continued to perform with the group's current lineup including bassist Chris McCarvill and guitarist Jon Levin save for a handful of recent shows that saw drummer BJ Zampa (HOUSE OF LORDS) fill in for Brown.