PAPA ROACH Singer: I Follow A Man Named JESUS And I Think He's AWESOME

(Rockum)-In a recent interview with U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine, PAPA ROACH frontman Jacoby Shaddix was asked how much of a role his faith has played in getting him through the more difficult periods in his life. He responded: "It's been key for me. I follow a man named Jesus and I think he's awesome. Unfortunately, there are a lot of terrible fucking Christians out there, but when living in a relationship with my higher power, I feel like I'm clicked in to the ultimate power in the fucking universe. Don't get it twisted I've certainly had my struggles and failures in my spiritual life, but my walk with God has been one that's evolved over the years."

Shaddix gave his life to God in early 2013, several months after becoming exhausted from the never-ending cycle of hurt and hangovers as a result of his hard-partying past.

Prior to embracing Christ, Shaddix told the attendees of Capital Christian Church that he "had no idea" what he was praying to. "I believed in a higher power; I just didn't know what it was," he said five years ago. "I didn't have a pinpoint accuracy on it, which that was soon to change. But it was just an honest prayer from the heart: 'My God, just come save me. I can't do this on my own. I am broken. I've tried my life my way over and over. I keep going out on the road and I keep falling apart. I'll stay sober for a while and then I'll fall apart and then I'll get back in that same place of just ultimate destruction. And I just had that honest prayer. And that's when the tide started to turn in my life, just at that moment."

Seven years ago, as PAPA ROACH was working on its 2012 album "The Connection", the singer was hitting rock bottom. He had been battling his addictions for a decade, moving from periods where he cleaned up and went on the wagon, only to relapse back into the same behaviors. After the near-dissolution of his marriage and a battle with suicidal depression, the singer is now clean and sober.

Shaddix's seventh sober anniversary came a month after the release of PAPA ROACH's tenth studio album, "Who Do You Trust?" The 12-song disc is one of the most eclectic of the band's career, ambitiously spanning a wide range of sounds and styles.

"Who Do You Trust?" arrived in January via Eleven Seven.