Rockum Radio Show W/ Gino Alache EP65 Interview with MAX PORTNOY - TALLAH

By Gino Alache - January 20, 2021

(Rockum)- Full Throttle Hair, Hard & Heavy Metal w/ Gino Alache! In case you missed the Rockum Radio Show EP#65 Tuesday 19, January 2021 broadcasted via CFRC101.9FM from Kingston, Ontario Canada, you can hear it for free online NOW!.

Don't forget! Rockum Radio Show is broadcasted via CFRC101.9FM on every Tuesday from 8 to 10 pm Est!


SpellMaster - Deathspell
Dragony - Legend Never Dies
Natthammer - Lonely Hearts
Witherfall - The Other side of fear
Sirenia - We Come To Ruins
Gaia Epicus - Gods Of Metal
Within Temptation - The Purge
Magnum - Not Forgiven
Fireforce - March or Die
Saxon - Speed King
Marialena - Prophecies
Giotopia - Trinity Of evil
Tallah - The Silo
Interview with MAX PORTNOY - TALLAH
Nervosa - Perpetual Chaos
Accept - Zombie Apocalypze
Under Attack - Soldier
Empyreran Fire - Gathering Storm
Therion - Die Wellon der Zie
TreBell08 - Wild Bulls
Enemy Inside - Cristalized
Lipshok - And so he'll fly

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