Rockum Radio Show W/ Gino Alache EP66 Interview with ERIC DANIELS - SOULBURN

By Gino Alache - January 27, 2021

(Rockum)- Full Throttle Hair, Hard & Heavy Metal w/ Gino Alache! In case you missed the Rockum Radio Show EP#66 Tuesday 26, January 2021 broadcasted via CFRC101.9FM from Kingston, Ontario Canada, you can hear it for free online NOW!.

Don't forget! Rockum Radio Show is broadcasted via CFRC101.9FM on every Tuesday from 8 to 10 pm Est!


Crisis - At Night
MSG Michael Schenker Group - Sail The Darkness
Therion - Tuonela
Glasgow Kiss - Black Rose
Avaland - Theater of Sorcery
Temperance - Evelyn
Stormwind - War of Troy
October Changes - The dark Paradise
Soulburn - Interview
Soulburn - From Archaeon Into Oblivion
Jo Below - Ms. Death
Shadow Warrior - I'm the thunder
Christian Liljegren - This is my love song
Metal wings - Monster in the Mirror
Boneyard - Fates Warning
Hell Riders - Beyond Death
Immortal Guardian - Read Between The Lines
A crime called - Drown
Aaron Holt - Set free your sorrow
Spiral Fracture - Defiance
Epica - Rivers

Stay Heavy!


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