Rockum Radio Show W/ Gino Alache EP67 Interview with Jef Rhodes - Them Damn Kings

(Rockum)-Full Throttle Hair, Hard & Heavy Metal w/ Gino Alache! In case you missed the Rockum Radio Show EP67 Tuesday 02, February 2021, broadcasted via CFRC101.9FM from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, you can hear here for free.

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Black Soul Horde - Stone Giants
Marco Garau's Magic Opera - Thief Of Soul
Korpiklaani - Sanatton Maa
Vis Mystica - Whispering Winds Of fate
Rob Zombie - The Eternal Struggles Of The Howlowing Man
Ricky Warwick - When Life is hard and fast
Frederic Slamas's AOR - The edge of the World
Hellz - Salute
Them Damn Kings Interview Jef Rhodes
Them Damn Kings - Yesterday
Primitai - Stars are my Guide
Mind of Fury - Far Away
Infernalizer - Leaving so soon
Cultt of she - One bad day away
deep space mask - Nosferat
Pressure - What You see
Within Harms Reach - Fly Off The Hinge
3 DREAMS NEVER DREAMT - Another vivid detail
STARMEN - Shining Star
Rage in my Eyes - Winter dream
Everture - Undersky
Johnny O'Neil - Snake In The grass

Stay Heavy!


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